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Event Management

The tools your event needs to succeed

Intuitive software that allows you to retain data to plan for the future

No matter how big the event, our platform is scaleable to meet your requirements.

We have defined ourselves as the industry leading event management organisation through years of dedication to both elite and grassroots sport, developing innovative products to help our customers succeed.

Delivering event management solutions for 5 national sporting organisations and 220 sporting organisations across the globe, SportsTG have the knowledge and experience to make your event a success. Be strategic about your event communications and engage your audience through helpful insights.

Each year, over 5000 events are being managed through our heavily customisable platform. Our solutions accommodate a wide range of events, all backed by our reliable support team. We deliver solutions to lead your organisation to victory. Our events prosper by precisely addressing all your requirements.

Customisable online registration forms

Retain the information that you need from your users with easily customisable registration forms.

Full reporting capabilities

Retain valuable data and convert it into useful reports so that it contains the information your organisation needs to make decisions and strategically grow.

Refund functionality

With built in refund functions, SportsTGā€™s Event Management platform means funds can be transferred back to users quickly and easily.

Integrated merchandise purchased option

Increase your revenue by integrating merchandise purchasing into your event management. Payments go through the same gateway and it presents a valuable commercial opportunity while users are registering for events.