GameDay Release Notes: March 2020

Our latest releases focused on the following;

New Features: 

  • Document Management functionality – Click here for more details
    • Ability for admins to add Document Upload sections to registration forms
    • Ability to upload profile picture via registration form
    • Ability to upload documents via registration form
    • Ability for admins to upload documents to a member record
    • Ability for admins to upload documents to an organisation
    • Ability for admins to manage uploaded documents and images for members & organisations
  • Additional Date Range Filters in Tabular Reports – Click here for more details
  • Additional UI responsiveness for pages with tables when using Tablet or Mobile devices
  • Other general system and security enhancements


  • Removed the ability to delete a registration form question if there are dependancies on that question within the form
  • Display of “Declined” member type status in member detail page if using Pending Registrations
  • When creating a new Organisation, address fields are now mandatory
  • Issue refund button will no longer be enabled for any offline orders


  • Pick-list questions will now require at least one answer option created
  • Enforce a month to be selected in the “Financial Year Start” field in the Organisation Details in organisation detail screen
  • Saving of conditional product description
  • Reverting back to the original when a logo upload is cancelled
  • Some other minor bug fixes and resolving support requests
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Are you ready for the 2020 Season


Are you ready for the 2020 Season?

As we move into the month of February 2020, that means Associations and Clubs across the country start to get prepare for the 2020 Winter Sports season. Stack Sports simplifies this process for administrators across the country saving volunteers and administrators hour of work each week in the lead up to the 2020 winter season. What do you need to do to get started?

* Login to your membership platform – if you don’t have a membership platform provided by your sport or governing body contact us today on

* Add your clubs 2020 membership/registration/subscription fees.

* Ensure these fees are linked correctly to the relevant registration forms/event via the platform.

* Share out your registration form – you can do this via your membership platform by emailing your participants, or share out on your website/social media.

* You will then be able to see the fee/s that have been sent to your club via the reporting tools in your membership platform

For more information click on getting ready for the 2020 season follow the support links below:

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GameDay wesbites Refer a Club or Association and Save

If your club or organisation refers another party to SportsTG, that results in the purchase of a GameDay website by 15th March 2019, you and the other party will be eligible for savings immediately!

For a successful referral, clubs and organisations can choose from:

  • Current customers on a Silver GameDay website can choose an Add-On of their choice at no cost. Representing a saving of $500.

  • New Customers purchasing a Silver GameDay website can choose an Add-On of their choice at no extra cost (a $500 saving)

  • Current customers can have their annual hosting fees reduced by $50.00 per referral capped at a maximum amount of $200 annually.

  • New Customers can choose to have their Annual Hosting fees reduced by 10% ($58.80 saving)

  • New Customers can choose to have their website build discounted by 10% on a Bronze Website (a $200 saving)

SportsTG’s GameDay websites are built on a WordPress platform that allows you to update news & information, colour scheme and branding, social media integration, prominent display of your partners and sponsors, and an integrated match centre feeding fixtures/results/ladders from SportsTG’s platform. Our Silver level GameDay website has a range of Add-Ons to choose from as well. See our GameDay website demo’s by clicking here.

Contact one of our team today for more information; or 1300 139 970.

Terms and Conditions:

Campaign runs from the 7th February 2019 – 15th March 2019. Clubs and organisations will need to confirm purchase of a GameDay website no later than the 15th March 2019.

Current SportsTG Website customer refers to any client that has a website other than our free standard or Advanced website offering.

We look forward to giving you so much more on GameDay.

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Drought Relief AFL Auctions

SportsTG is proud to be providing the Online Auction platform for the Sydney Swans And Hawthorn AFL clubs for their drought relief auctions.

The AFL clubs will be holding Online Auctions to sell guernseys worn during matches, with proceeds going to the ‘Buy A Bale’ campaign.

Find out more about ‘Buy A Bale’ here.

Online Auction details are as follows:

Hawthorn Hawks
Click here to view auction
Auction closes on 6th September 2018

Sydney Swans
Click here to view auction
Auction closes on 6th September 2018

If you would like more information in hosting your own Online Auction using our E-Commerce, please contact us.

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SportsTG Launches Krossover in Australia

SportsTG are proud to announce that internationally recognised coaching and film analysis tool, Krossover, will now be available to sporting clubs around Australia through SportsTG.

Krossover allows coaches to retain valuable insights from matches to maximise team performance. During the game, all the action is recorded which is then uploaded to the Krossover platform post-game. From here, your game data is broken down by every single possession with tags added to every player. By doing this, coaches can quickly sort through footage to review individual players as well as viewing shot charts, down & distance reports, and heat maps.

This sort of valuable information has previously only been accessible to clubs with in-house video teams or after hours of manual editing by clubs members. Coaches around the world now have access to these tools quickly, at a fraction of the cost.

Once footage has been tagged and broken down on Krossover, it can then be shared with players, other coaches, club members and anyone else who needs it. Notes can be added by coaches to specific plays for players to review and learn from.

Krossover has teams of all sizes currently using their software to prepare software for coaching purposes. Grassroots teams around the world use Krossover through to major clubs such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Nike Elite Youth Basketball, University of Kentucky and many others.

Krossover is currently available for the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey

To find out more about Krossover, or for a demonstration of the product, get in touch with our team today at

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SportsTG Teams Up With Cricket Australia

Cricket players across Australia will now have easier access to club merchandise than ever before with a new agreement between SportsTG and Cricket Australia.

As a global leader in digital sports technology, SportsTG have joined forces with Cricket Australia to build approximately 4,000 online stores for clubs across the country.

The online stores will be built using industry leading e-commerce technology to minimise manual administration for clubs, while being as user-friendly as possible for their members.

SportsTG’s membership management, competition management, e-commerce and digital solutions are renowned for setting the standard in sports technology across the globe.

SportsTG currently hold strong relationships with many national sporting organisations around the world and will work closely with Cricket Australia to deliver a leading e-commerce solution for clubs.

“Producing 4,000 stores is no small feat and this is a huge opportunity for SportsTG. We’re excited to work with Cricket Australia to deliver the best online experience for cricket clubs”, says SportsTG Head of Sport, Brian Cooney.

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SportsTG Unveils Courtside


SportsTG is excited to unveil our next generation basketball scoring app, Courtside. Created in collaboration with Basketball Australia, Courtside brings the game into the digital age and enhances existing administrative processes.

The new app will take the place of computer programs and paper- based offline systems for many associations. Courtside will be available on both IOS and Android tablets, greatly decreasing the workload for club volunteers and improving the quality of game data retained.

Games can be set up and players selected in under 30 seconds. Once the game commences, fouls, points and other statistics can be recorded through the app.
As the app can operate online or offline, results and game data can be uploaded straight away or when the user has access to internet.

SportsTG Head of Sport, Brian Cooney says, “We’re excited to work with Basketball Australia to improve the game at a grassroots level for all involved. We look forward to providing similar solutions to other sports.”

“We are proud to release an easy to use, digital scoring solution in collaboration with SportsTG. This platform will allow our grassroots basketball communities to grow and their stories to be told”, said Basketball Australia GM of Community & Stakeholder Relations, Lisa Hasker.

To find out more or register your association, click here.

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AI in Competition Management

One of the primary barriers to growth in grassroots sport participation is the availability of facilities.

A report published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health* in early 2017 reviewed participation rates in sport and their positive association with facility availability. A key finding of this report was that regardless of socio-economic status and geographical area, better provision of sporting facilities would lead to increased participation.

In this study, a measurement of fields/courts per 1000 residents was taken across 4 different sports in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan regions. When comparing participation rates of each sport with facility provision rates, a clear correlation between the two factors was identified.

Venue utilisation is directly influenced by a variety of factors including competition fixturing, information on venue availability and accurate usage analytics. As the overall administration of grassroots sport continues to move to online systems, the electronic management of venues will deliver a number of benefits to administrators, players, parents and fans.

SportsTG, having recognised the shortcomings of the current management approach, has developed a new technology platform that will allow for optimum venue utilisation in addition to other benefits such as effective talent identification and increased participant engagement.

SportsTG’s new “Smart Fixturing” solution will be delivered as part of its next generation TG Platform.

Smart Fixtures© follows in the footsteps of other industry redefining software such as AirBnB and Uber who have redefined the way in which the resources managed and accessed. Not unlike what AirBnB and Uber have done for accommodation and transport, Smart Fixtures© will do for grassroots sport. Smart Fixtures©, through the ground-breaking integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, will redefine the way competition management is administered and delivered.

Smart Fixtures© provides venue information in a user-friendly format, presented alongside player performance data. Fixtures can be scheduled in a way that maximises venue utilisation. Administrators gain greater visibility of the skill levels of each team member, enabling evenly matched teams to be selected. In turn, this leads to improvements in player retention and enjoyment and furthers the skill development of players. Player performance can be monitored throughout their seasons so that high performing players can be recognised and nurtured to maximise their potential.

At its simplest level, traditional fixturing aimed to ensure that two matches were not rostered on to the same field, oval, court, or pitch at the same time. Smart Fixtures© will ensure this never happens. It will also, through the use of smart business rules, enable things never before available to sports administrators such as multi-sport commitment management, participant preference consideration, and travel time optimisation.

Smart Fixtures© will deliver the next generation of grassroots sports administration, and in doing so contribute to the ultimate aim of growing participation in sport.

*The relationship of sport participation to provision of sports facilities and socioeconomic status: a geographical analysis; Rochelle M Eime, Jack Harvey et al.

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SportsTG Team Up With APRLC


SportsTG is pleased to announce their newly formed partnership with one of Asia’s largest sporting organisations, the Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation (APRLC).

SportsTG will work with the APRLC to provide administration solutions for local rugby league competitions including the ability to manage memberships, competitions, fixtures, player statistics. All of this information will be displayed on a SportsTG website.

This partnership builds upon SportsTG’s growing presence in Rugby League around the world. As more organisations adopt SportsTG’s innovative technology solutions, information can be shared electronically, greatly reducing the administration work required for transfers and clearances.

With all Rugby League organisations around the world shifting to a unified platform it allows for the creation of a digital footprint for participants. Data will be attached to the digital footprint, which can be used for talent recognition and managing player retention.

SportsTG Head of Sport, Brian Cooney says, “We’re excited to be able to partner with the APRLC to drive such a significant change across the region and the world for Rugby League. We look forward to a long and successful partnership delivering a platform to accommodate growth”.

Chairman of the APRLC Mr Tagaloa Faafouina SU’A says, “The Asia Pacific Confederation is keen to improve the way the game is administered in our member nations, in-line with best practice in Australia, New Zealand and England”.

“Using SportsTG’s platform will allow our nations to run competitions more effectively, recognise the participation of our players and volunteers, and create a central record of our competitions, clubs and teams. This initiative will help our member nations promote domestic competitions and programs, both in-country, and to the wider international Rugby League community. It will help demonstrate Rugby League’s footprint across the Asia Pacific region”, said Mr Tagaloa Faafouina SU’A.

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Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA)

  • Competition Management
  • Registrations
  • App Development

SportsTG developed and introduced 2 solutions for VAFA to reduce the hours involved by club staff and umpires to record game information. The first of these solutions was an app named Match Day Paperwork. The app was developed for umpires to track all their paperwork that they need to provide at the end of each game.

The app submits the information provided by the umpire straight to the comp management system where it can be used for reporting. This process delivers the information much more accurately and quickly than existing systems.

The app can be customised depending on the league for custom information to be recording including best and fairest votes, reporting of players, field condition checks and red/yellow cards.
VAFA were determined to select a provider who would deliver them with an high level of support through the week as well as on the weekends.

Sam Confait, Football Operations Manager says that they’ve had a smooth shift from existing systems to the new app.

“SportsTG’s customer service instilled confidence in the VAFA to transition to the Match Day Paperwork app. The face to face and phone support service has been excellent while developing systems to accommodate the requirements of our association”.

Alongside the Match Day Paperwork app is the LiveScore system that was developed by SportsTG to improve the efficiency of scoring on game day. The system can be used on mobile, tablet or computer and updates scores straight to league’s website.

This means administration time is reduced for club staff and supporters can check game scores in real time online while a game is being played.

Club members and umpires across the VAFA league now have reduced administration work and can focus on other aspects of their job more closely. Match Day Paperwork and LiveScore accommodate the growth of the league and improve the enjoyment for everyone involved.

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