Direction of Sport in the Digital Age


The Direction of Sport in the Digital Age – Goes Online 


Thanks for attending our event earlier this week, for those that missed the event or could not attend the full day you can access the recording and presentations from the day below: 


Click here to access the full recording from our Online Event – The Direction of Sport in the Digital Age.


Safeguarding & Online Learning for Sporting Organisations 

We had an all star panel dive into this topic and address questions being asked across the industry.

Laura Johnston: Click here to download Laura’s presentation.

Phoebe Ponwall: Click here to access the points Phoebe discussed.

Fiona Jones: Click here to access Fiona’s presentation.

Paul Hoon: Click here to access Paul’s presentation.


Fundraising for Sporting Organisations and Community Foundations

Our panel included some of the great companies in Australia that assist and drive with fundraising activities.

Patrick Walker: Click here to download Patrick’s Presentation. A video on the Australian Sports Foundation and the work they do can be accessed by clicking here.

Steve Pallas: For more on Sports Community click here.

Cam O’Riordan: For more on Geosnapshot and how they can assist with Fundraising click here. For more on Stack Sports Auctions or Online Shops click here.


Technology and how it is being used by Sporting Organisations in 2020

We were joined by some great Australian sports tech companies along with one of the leading sports in the country.

Andrew Weiss: Click here to download Andrew’s presentation.

Rob Flude: Click here to download Rob’s presentation.

Isaak Dury: Click here to download Isaak’s presentation.



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