SportsTG Teams Up With Cricket Australia

Cricket players across Australia will now have easier access to club merchandise than ever before with a new agreement between SportsTG and Cricket Australia.

As a global leader in digital sports technology, SportsTG have joined forces with Cricket Australia to build approximately 4,000 online stores for clubs across the country.

The online stores will be built using industry leading e-commerce technology to minimise manual administration for clubs, while being as user-friendly as possible for their members.

SportsTG’s membership management, competition management, e-commerce and digital solutions are renowned for setting the standard in sports technology across the globe.

SportsTG currently hold strong relationships with many national sporting organisations around the world and will work closely with Cricket Australia to deliver a leading e-commerce solution for clubs.

“Producing 4,000 stores is no small feat and this is a huge opportunity for SportsTG. We’re excited to work with Cricket Australia to deliver the best online experience for cricket clubs”, says SportsTG Head of Sport, Brian Cooney.

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