Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA)

  • Competition Management
  • Registrations
  • App Development

SportsTG developed and introduced 2 solutions for VAFA to reduce the hours involved by club staff and umpires to record game information. The first of these solutions was an app named Match Day Paperwork. The app was developed for umpires to track all their paperwork that they need to provide at the end of each game.

The app submits the information provided by the umpire straight to the comp management system where it can be used for reporting. This process delivers the information much more accurately and quickly than existing systems.

The app can be customised depending on the league for custom information to be recording including best and fairest votes, reporting of players, field condition checks and red/yellow cards.
VAFA were determined to select a provider who would deliver them with an high level of support through the week as well as on the weekends.

Sam Confait, Football Operations Manager says that they’ve had a smooth shift from existing systems to the new app.

“SportsTG’s customer service instilled confidence in the VAFA to transition to the Match Day Paperwork app. The face to face and phone support service has been excellent while developing systems to accommodate the requirements of our association”.

Alongside the Match Day Paperwork app is the LiveScore system that was developed by SportsTG to improve the efficiency of scoring on game day. The system can be used on mobile, tablet or computer and updates scores straight to league’s website.

This means administration time is reduced for club staff and supporters can check game scores in real time online while a game is being played.

Club members and umpires across the VAFA league now have reduced administration work and can focus on other aspects of their job more closely. Match Day Paperwork and LiveScore accommodate the growth of the league and improve the enjoyment for everyone involved.

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