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The challenge:

The Rugby Football League faced issues in improving their administration’s efficiency while so many tasks were completed using paper-based processes and multiple systems. SportsTG put forward a bid to provide a new digital platform to manage participants and competitions. With approximately 500 organisations involved and many volunteer administrators, the new system needed to streamline processes and decrease administration time.

The solution:

The new system built by SportsTG for Rugby Football League went live in January 2017 with a number of leagues and clubs expressing glowing reviews of the new system.

Improved operational efficiency, increased data accuracy and high levels of engagement with the Rugby League community are just a few of the benefits since the new platform was implemented.

The new system, LeagueNet, meant the move from plastic to online cards at junior level which reduced the wait time from days to minutes. This cut thousands of dollars in production and postage costs for the Rugby Football League. Cards often went missing and required reprinting which further increased costs and inefficiencies. By keeping all cards online, junior players never miss a game and can be registered in a matter of minutes on the day of the game if necessary.

“A number of leagues and clubs have contacted us to say how easy they have found the system to use and how it is making their life easier. It’s good to get feedback – positive or constructive challenges. We are doing this to try to make life easier for users”, said Richard Donlon, Systems Manager

The new system also enabled all professional clubs to submit their pre-match squads and team sheets online, reducing the risk of errors. Previously the operations department would have to individually check each player is eligible for selection, this process has already been dramatically improved for both the club and the operations department since the introduction of LeagueNet.

By operating on the same platform as New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) and Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL), SportsTG opened up new opportunities to improve international administration in the sport. Players can be transferred between leagues or countries and take their entire playing history, further improving the accuracy of the data retained.

The new system has seen improvements in administration efficiency across all levels of the sport, reducing the costs and workloads for all involved.

Phase two of the project is scheduled to roll out at the start of the 2018 season. It involves online registration for all players and will also provide leagues and clubs online access to their own portal.

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