Increase your merchandise sales


At SportsTG, our aim is to see your shop continually grow for sustained success.

Today we are showing you how to turn Free Shipping Campaigns into a revenue driver and a way to increase your customer’s average order value.

The tools to do this are located in your console with YellowFin Dashboard Reporting and Promotions to assist in creating a Free Shipping Campaign as a marketing tactic as opposed to a fulfilment expense.

What are the benefits of providing free shipping?

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Understanding the benefits of Free Shipping is important but the key to this is to increase your customers spend by determining your clubs postage threshold at a price that still allows for growth and profit.

How to use Yellowfin Dashboards to Determine Average Order Value

To determine the price to set your minimum spend on your Free Shipping Campaign will be assisted via YellowFin Dahsboards.

The YellowFin Dashboards provides a visual breakdwon of operational data, all accessible in your console.

Quick steps: ShopDesq > Analytics > Dashboards > Operational Dashboard Tab

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Our advice 

Step 1 – Determine your clubs previous month average order value 

Step 2 – Establish what the cost of one more item will be on top of your current average order value

Step 3Create Free Shipping Campaign with Step 2 results as the minimum spend

Step 4 – Let your customers know with a pop-up window once they arrive at your homepage and checkout page

Step 5Test and test again and amend the threshold as your average order value increases month to month

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