SportsTG is proud to be providing the Online Auction platform for several AFL clubs during the 2018 Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round.

Sir Doug Nicholls played 54 games for Fitzroy and was the first aboriginal person to be knighted.

The 2018 AFL Indigenous Round kicks off for Round 11, from June 1st.

To commemorate Indigenous Round, AFL clubs will take to the field wearing specially designed Indigenous guernseys. Some of the amazing designs from the clubs can be found here:

AFL clubs will be holding Online Auctions to sell guernseys worn during the matches, with proceeds going to their Indigenous programs, charities and partners.

Online Auction details for Indigenous Round are as follows:

Geelong Football Club (Closes 6th June):

Hawthorn Football Club (Closes 7th June):

Richmond Football Club (Closes 8th June):

Cricket players across Australia will now have easier access to club merchandise than ever before with a new agreement between SportsTG and Cricket Australia.

As a global leader in digital sports technology, SportsTG have joined forces with Cricket Australia to build approximately 4,000 online stores for clubs across the country.

The online stores will be built using industry leading e-commerce technology to minimise manual administration for clubs, while being as user-friendly as possible for their members.

SportsTG’s membership management, competition management, e-commerce and digital solutions are renowned for setting the standard in sports technology across the globe.

SportsTG currently hold strong relationships with many national sporting organisations around the world and will work closely with Cricket Australia to deliver a leading e-commerce solution for clubs.

“Producing 4,000 stores is no small feat and this is a huge opportunity for SportsTG. We’re excited to work with Cricket Australia to deliver the best online experience for cricket clubs”, says SportsTG Head of Sport, Brian Cooney.

One of the primary barriers to growth in grassroots sport participation is the availability of facilities.

A report published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health* in early 2017 reviewed participation rates in sport and their positive association with facility availability. A key finding of this report was that regardless of socio-economic status and geographical area, better provision of sporting facilities would lead to increased participation.

In this study, a measurement of fields/courts per 1000 residents was taken across 4 different sports in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan regions. When comparing participation rates of each sport with facility provision rates, a clear correlation between the two factors was identified.

Venue utilisation is directly influenced by a variety of factors including competition fixturing, information on venue availability and accurate usage analytics. As the overall administration of grassroots sport continues to move to online systems, the electronic management of venues will deliver a number of benefits to administrators, players, parents and fans.

SportsTG, having recognised the shortcomings of the current management approach, has developed a new technology platform that will allow for optimum venue utilisation in addition to other benefits such as effective talent identification and increased participant engagement.

SportsTG’s new “Smart Fixturing” solution will be delivered as part of its next generation TG Platform.

Smart Fixtures© follows in the footsteps of other industry redefining software such as AirBnB and Uber who have redefined the way in which the resources managed and accessed. Not unlike what AirBnB and Uber have done for accommodation and transport, Smart Fixtures© will do for grassroots sport. Smart Fixtures©, through the ground-breaking integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, will redefine the way competition management is administered and delivered.

Smart Fixtures© provides venue information in a user-friendly format, presented alongside player performance data. Fixtures can be scheduled in a way that maximises venue utilisation. Administrators gain greater visibility of the skill levels of each team member, enabling evenly matched teams to be selected. In turn, this leads to improvements in player retention and enjoyment and furthers the skill development of players. Player performance can be monitored throughout their seasons so that high performing players can be recognised and nurtured to maximise their potential.

At its simplest level, traditional fixturing aimed to ensure that two matches were not rostered on to the same field, oval, court, or pitch at the same time. Smart Fixtures© will ensure this never happens. It will also, through the use of smart business rules, enable things never before available to sports administrators such as multi-sport commitment management, participant preference consideration, and travel time optimisation.

Smart Fixtures© will deliver the next generation of grassroots sports administration, and in doing so contribute to the ultimate aim of growing participation in sport.

*The relationship of sport participation to provision of sports facilities and socioeconomic status: a geographical analysis; Rochelle M Eime, Jack Harvey et al.

Huge news for Football/Soccer across the world as U.S. Soccer becomes a part of the Blue Star Sports family.

We’re excited to have them on board and operating alongside our partners at Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football.

U.S. Soccer has announced the official launch of U.S. Soccer Connect, a data and technology platform that will streamline and improve our connection and communication with our members.

Through integrated web and mobile platforms, U.S. Soccer Connect will provide members with a simplified player registration process and adherence to the required standards for FIFA Connect and the ITC process. The system will also provide members with a seamless integration with platforms such as the National Data Center and Digital Coach Center.

Members will also have access to a comprehensive list of services specific to league management, scheduling, roster administration, team communications and tournament operations.

“As we continue to focus on member alignment, U.S. Soccer Connect enables us to implement a technology platform that streamlines processes between U.S. Soccer and our member organizations,” said Caitlin Carducci, Manager of Member Programs. “Ultimately, we believe this integration will help provide parents, players, coaches and referees with an unparalleled connection with U.S. Soccer.”

After a thorough, multi-year evaluation, the first phase of the U.S. Soccer Connect rollout will be to sign up organization members and schedule implementation meetings for activation beginning in the 2018-19 season. These early adopters will also collaborate with the design team to further customize the U.S. Soccer Connect platform.

U.S. Soccer Connect is being implemented through a long-term strategic plan with Blue Star Sports, the nation’s leading youth sports systems integration and technology company. This collaboration will deliver the world’s most innovative, technology-driven solutions to integrate U.S. Soccer’s vision and empower member organizations and participants at all levels to have the best experience possible with the game of soccer.